Welcome to Gwenagen, the creators of the Gdock and The Big Gdock! We are always looking for new product ideas and for people with a passion for innovation, creativity and product development.


Who Are We?


Gwen Merkelbach, who started Gwenagen Ltd/ Gdock Promotions, was awarded Company of the Year 2008 due to the company's innovative product and excellent customer service. This Leeds business will continue to provide fast serviceand create innovative products that standout from its rivals.

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Bright Idea


The original idea for the Gdock® came from the brain of her brother Alwin. Gwen, despite the name, is Dutch and has been living in the UK since 1991. Gwen has broad experience in all aspects of sales, marketing and sales management.
Her vision is to create a company and culture that stimulates creativity and innovation offering simple solutions.



Ethos and Mission


Gwenagen staff cares for the world we live in, from the services we are involved in, to the way we give back to the society.

Our goal is to inspire anyone who wants to achieve success and work together with like minded people who aspire to:


  • Provide excellent customer service

  • Build respectful relationships

  • Create economic value for customers, suppliers and shareholders alike

  • Encourage entrepreneurial spirit and ideas  


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