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GSTAND with laptop 1.jpg
GSTAND with laptop 2.jpg

The GStand (or the Green laptop stand)

comes from the designers of the Gdock phone stand Concept.

Made from fully recycled cardboard and printed with the best eco-friendly inks available.

This GStand can be printed on both sides and according to your design.

Fits in a letterbox box, is light and is easy to carry.


In addition to the promotional value, it also has ergonomic values, good for the working posture and with online meetings you look at eye level.


The Gstand is the promotional item with an environmentally friendly impact and good for a healthy workplace at home and at work!


Currently exclusively sold and produced via the Netherlands. 



GSTAND overview 1_edited.jpg

Looking for more info

or to order your very own GStands?

Please contact your preferred supplier


For TRADE customers:  contact INTRACO TRADING  BV


T: +31 (0) 75 647 54 20 E:

Looking for creative ideas or advice on GStand designs?


M: +31 (0) 6 55 372 872


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