Gdock® is the unique desktop billboard mobile phone stand that delivers big messages.

Gdock® combines the functionality of a multi-purpose docking station or phone stand with a large advertising and communication space.

Simply folds into a sturdy stand - fits iPods to PDAs, mobiles to blackberries - a new way to deliver information right to the desks of staff, clients, kids, students, and the wider community!

You can't miss it:

You can use it for months:

You will be effective:

You will be green:

Creates a large, legible space right in the most visible part of the desk.


Users interact with it several times a day; it carries on delivering the message for months.



Customers state a recall rate and brand recognition of 70% and higher.


Gdock® is light, flat packed, made from recycled materials and recyclable.

All year round prime desktop space to deliver:


  • Your advertising messages 

  • Environmental reminders

  • Vital service numbers 

  • Brand values 

  • Awareness campaigns 

  • Membership communication 

  • Important dates, fixture lists

mobile phone stand, desktop advertising

Stand out

from the crowd

desktop billboard that delivers big messages.

All year round prime desktop advertising